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Committed to providing enterprise-wide solutions, Carestream Health offers a full cardiology PACS. Based on ScImage’s powerful web-based cardiology software solution—PicomEnterprise, it enables cardiology departments, outpatient clinics, and private practices to use a single database to manage, distribute and safeguard cardiac information gathered at various points of care. PicomEnterprise decreases cost and increases productivity by providing a single access point to echo, cath, ECG, vascular, nuclear cardiology and hemo-dynamic data.

The single system advantage
Now Carestream Health can provide an enterprise-wide image and information management solution for cardiology data. CARESTREAM Cardiology PACS supports improved productivity, streamlined workflow, and enhanced patient care.   Bring the advantages of digital workflow to cardiology with an innovative web-based solution that enables:
  • Consolidation of disparate cardio lab systems into a centralized solution for lower total cost of ownership
  • On-site or remote reading of cardiology data from any networked workstation within and beyond the enterprise
  • Single workstation review of echocardiography, cardiac cath, ECG, nuclear cardiology and hemodynamic results with fast, easy comparison of priors

Leverage your investment
Achieve even greater efficiencies by integrating with CARESTREAM PACS.  This empowers single workstation review within either radiology or cardiology PACS.  Tie both PACS into CARESTREAM Information Management Solutions for a lower total cost of ownership, while improving business continuity and disaster recovery. 

Structured reporting templates, along with a comprehensive set of measurement tools for echocardiography images, allows fast and efficient reporting, from any networked PC.  Reporting is further expedited through pre-population of measurements into reports.
Cardiac Cath
Structured report templates are available for diagnostic and interventional cardiac cath procedures in conjunction with data points provided from hemodynamic systems.
Implement an ECG module as a component of Cardiology PACS to integrate ECG carts from multiple vendors.  Whether the output is proprietary or standard waveform, this feature provides worklist-based access to resting ECG waveforms awaiting evaluation.  Increase diagnostic confidence with a full range of investigational tools such as automated viewing of priors.

Currently available only in the U.S., Italy, Netherlands and United Kingdom.

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