Maestro Products Line Maestro Broker
  • Maestro Broker is a middleware component in the integration between HIS/RIS and PACS.
  • Links patient and study data with images.
  • Provides modality work lists to modalities.
  • Provides reports to workstations.
  • Shows referrals.
Maestro Voice Dictation
  • Allows healthcare practitioners to report clinical findings digitally to PACS/RIS
Maestro Dicom Router
  • allows receiving, sending and modification of Dicom images from any point to any point
Maestro CD Importer
  • allows receiving, sending and Third Party DICOM CD to any dicom server with Any Dicom headers change
HIS/RIS PACS and Modality often speak different languages, or protocols.
PACS and modalities typically speak DICOM.
HIS\RIS generally speak HL7 or other protocols, such as MSI, ASCII Files or SQL.
Maestro Broker allows these different systems to speak to each other by translating the different languages into messages that each system can understand.
Maestro Broker uses interfaces to connect different systems. Interfaces translate protocol-specific information into sql server database on the maestro broker computer.
Maestro Broker can pass information to other system in the format they understand.