Digital Medical Systems Ltd.(DMS)

Digital Medical Systems Ltd.(DMS)
Represents leading international vendors in the medical field.
DMS is based in Haifa and represents, among others, the world wide Carestream Health Group in Israel.
DMS activities includes: Importing, Marketing, Sales, Installation, Guiding, Teaching, Supporting and special tailor made solutions for the local market demands.
DMS serves the relevant medical market and considered as a leader in the Israeli medical Imaging field.


· Digital Medical Systems will strive to excel in everything it does.

· The company will make sure all customers will be treated individually and with credibility

· The company employees will always be available for their customer's needs and will provide the most professional and efficient service

· All company employees posses wide professional knowledge and will be updated at all times by studies and   training at the manufacture companies.

· Companies represented by Digital Medical Systems will be of high quality, fine reputation and leaders at their field.

· Simultaneously to the assimilation of  proven/established technologies Digital Medical Systems will always strive to offer new revolutionary technologies that will puts the customers ahead of everybody else in matters of technology and service.

· The medical systems sold by the company will offer fair and attractive prices in regard to its performance and quality. DMS is divided to 4 main departments:


· Digital Capture & Output

· Analog

· Medical Displays Solutions

Fields of activities:

Picture & Archive Communication System


Systems for purchasing, Processing, Storage & Archive, Display and transferring of medical information and DICOM images through dedicated networks and on the WWW.

The product line includes world wide leading items and technology.

The Carestream Health Group worldwide PACS Research & Development center is located at the Israeli Algotec company's facilities, located in Raanana and support DMS activities.

Digital Capture & Output

Medical imaging systems producing, translating, Processing, displaying, printing, Storing, transferring and analyzing X-Ray imaging information and other at various medical institutions and medical centers. The product line being marketed by DMS includes world wide leading products in the fields of Direct Digital Radiography and Computerized Radiography.
The Carestream Health Group worldwide CR(mobile and small) Research & Development center is located at the    Israeli Orex company's facilities, located in Yokneam and.

Support DMS activities. o Analog
DMS is a leading supplier in the field of processing systems for X Ray films, both for regular films and for    special films for Mammography and Oncology, and for Processing Chemicals.
o Medical Displays Solutions
DMS is the representative of TOTOKU Japan in Israel.
TOTOKU is a world wide leader in the field of LCD displays for medical applications. The various products include DICOM calibration which is being stored within the screen itself and remote service and calibration   capabilities.
As a dynamic company, DMS is operating consistently to extend its product lines and solutions and to build close cooperations with leading supplier in the medical field.
DMS is focused on the digital medical imaging field and offers a wide variety of products. Target customers of DMS includes: All medical centers and hospitals in Israel, HMO's, I.D.F, privet institutions, privet doctors, privet companies, universities, veterinaries, research institutions etc.


DMS Team

Ronit Kobi Logistic manager

Asaf Elkabez IT and Project manager

Shai Varsano Digital Capture Manager


As a young company, DMS enjoys the finance support and a solid backup of its mother company – M.A.R Ltd.

M.A.R Ltd. Is a privet long standing company dealing with medical radiology diagnosis.
M.A.R was established and started its operations in 1984, at Elisha hospital in Haifa, by building and operating a CT and Ultrasound institution.
M.A.R has 2 daughter companies, additionally to DMS: MarOn(1989) and GalilNet(1999),
And is a partner in the Mor-Mar Ltd. Company.
M.A.R is active in 5 different branches in Israel: Haifa, Jerusalem, Beer-Sheva, Nazareth,
And Kiriat-Gat. M.A.R supports Radiology medical imaging diagnosis including(among others):

• CT scanner including anesthesia and invasive inspections
• General Ultrasound and vessels Doppler
• Mammography screening for early detection of mamma cancer
•  All kind of inspection in Nuclear Medicine including heart mapping

DMS enjoys a skillful and highly professional engineering and technical setup allowing complicated engineering project management, consulting services and high level training and applications support.
Among its clients, many leading medical institutions in Israel like:
Sheba M.C. in Tel-Hashomer, Clalit Health Services, Health Services Maccabi, MOD, Rambam M.C., Ichilov M.C. etc.