Virtual Colonoscopy for CARESTREAM PACS







The virtual colonoscopy option for CARESTREAM PACS adds the capability to review 2D CT colon images in 3D mode. This package provides single-click access to Viatronix V3D-Colon, fully integrated with CARESTREAM PACS. The V3D-Colon application provides a powerful screening tool to add more services for your institution. Designed by radiologists to be the most clinically complete virtual colonoscopy software. Beyond being a PACS add-on, this powerful screening tool adds more services for your institution.


  • Real-time volume rendering
  • Easy-to-use system includes automatic segmentation, centerline extraction, and electronic bowel cleansing
  • 100% lumen coverage and verification
  • Exceptional high resolution and superb 3D effects
  • Synchronized 2D and 3D views
  • Unrestricted viewing of all angles of colon surfaces
  • Intuitive user interface simplifies use

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