Digital Mammography CAD System







This highly advanced screening tool is designed to assist in early detection of breast cancer, with the goal of finding more cancers sooner. Developed using third-generation algorithms based on FDA-approved analog algorithms, the KODAK Digital Mammography CAD System is proven to deliver results across a wide range of clinical environments.


KODAK CAD is clinically proven as the best industry performer, setting industry standards in pioneering technology.

CAD is proven to increase cancer detection rate

  • Retrospective studies of missed cancers have repeatedly shown that CAD could have helped in detection.
  • Prospective reader studies consistently show that using CAD increases the cancer detection rate by up to 20%.

Enhanced double reading performance

  • Independent studies have concluded that using single reading and CAD produces similar or better results than double-reading.*
  • Norwegian studies have highlighted the potential for CAD to increase digital mammography performance if used in addition to double-reading.**


 *Destounis S, DiNitto P, Logan-Young W, et al. Can computer-aided detection with double reading of screening mammograms help decrease the false-negative rate? Initial experience. Radiology 2004; 232:578-584;

**Skaane, P, Kshirsagar, Stapleton, S, et al. Effect of Computer-Aided Detection on Independent Double Reading of Paired Screen-Film and Full-Field Digital Screening Mammograms. Am. J. Roentgenol. Feb 2007; 188:377-384

This system is currently not available in the U.S.

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