DRX Evolution

Carestream DRX-1 System—featuring the world’s first cassette-sized wireless DR detector that fits your existing equipment. Harnessing the full power of digital x-ray technology has never been easier. 



Freedom and Flexibility in Digital X-Ray
Convert to DR today with a solution that can grow to fit your needs tomorrow.
This remarkable system matches the world’s first cassette-sized DR detector, the Carestream DRX-1, with a fully automated suite of precision x-ray equipment.

Unlimited Positioning Freedom
The flexibility of a DR cassette meets the automation of a real DR suite. Whether you are upgrading a DRX-1 room or considering a full suite, the flexibility of cassette positioning is a clear advantage. The speed of wireless DR enables the image to appear on the console in seconds, while the detector size eliminates the need to move patients around a fixed DR Detector—simplifying even the most challenging views.

Easy Operation By Design
The DRX-Evolution system is designed to make difficult exams go quickly and smoothly.

  • Select the patient from the console worklist and hold the remote auto-position button, and the system automatically positions itself for the examination.
  • Slide the detector from the Bucky tray to the table for easy tabletop views.
  • Move the wall stand easily along side the table for cross-table views.
  • Control the entire system from the tube head touch screen.
  • Adjust technique, SID, filtration, view and much more without leaving the patient’s side.

The System that Evolves With Your Needs and Your Budget
This versatile digital radiography system uses modular components that you can configure to fit your space, procedures, workflow, and budget. It can be scaled to meet growing or changing requirements for medical facilities of any size. Choose from one, two or three detector options to perform a wide variety of general radiography examinations (including trauma) with remarkable convenience,  productivity, and patient comfort. Whichever configuration is best for you, proprietary CARESTREAM Image Processing Software will provide outstanding image quality.

System Components:

  • Gull Wing Wall Stand that extends, tilts, swings and glides to a full 6 axis of motion
  • Easy positioning heavy duty 4 way float elevating table
  • Intelligent OTC with touch screen
  • Integrated Operator Console
  • Choice of generators 65 or 80KW

For a complete description of system components, please download the DRX-Evolution

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